How your personal information is important

FACT: When a company elects to Collect a debt, YOUR REPORTED PERSONAL IDENTIFIERS are likely to play a HUGE PART in that collection effort(s).

MOST CONSUMERS are UNAWARE of the FACT that legally, Debt collectors can use your credit report to obtain information, like your address or place of employment, that would help them collect a debt.

THIS HIGHLIGHTS yet another VALID REASON to demonstrate the VALUE and POWER of utilizing OUR CLEANING and COUNSELING Methods, Especially the REMOVAL OF WRONG PERSONAL INFO. 

OBVIOUSLY removing or blocking personal information that is being reported does NOT ERADICATE RESPONSIBILITY nor LIABILITY nor RE-PORTABILITY for a true valid debt even if with a third party debt collector or a third party debt buyer. HOWEVER, reduction of personal identifiers to the MINIMALLY REQUIRED reported info will likely give you far far far greater successes more consistently than in cases you have not elected to do so! 

Stop wasting TIME,EFFORT, and HOPE following TRADITIONAL Credit repair “experts” and alleged “leaders” only to discover massive and ever going FRUSTRATION. Instead, turn to LAVIE Consulting. No other place even adequately Understands the Metro2 Five Points of Compliance MUCH LESS have capacity to leverage it or even TALK INTELLIGENTLY on it.

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