Credit Repair Services

Whenever you are trying to apply for a mortgage, loan, auto lease or credit cards your CREDIT REPORT is being pulled, that’s called Hard Inquiry. Regardless the fact that more than 3 hard inquiries you have it will affect your score, by pulling the report the lender or creditor can find the CURRENT SITUATION and assess if he is able to serve you.

THE ELEMENTS that affect your score are:
1. Usage of cards or balances (above 25% is flagged)
2. Number of accounts on your report, the more the merrier but not the same year
3. Deteriorates/Negatives – Collections, Charge Offs, Repossessions, Foreclosure
4. Late Payments 
5. Public Records – Tax Liens, Bankruptcy, Child Support, Judgement.
6. History – How old is your credit, average of your oldest card or open account and the latest one.

The reported score can mostly be corrected if the inaccurate or erroneous data is added in it. The score given by the report creating agencies cannot be changed by the third parties. But the misrepresented information can be indicated and disputed.

This process is not as easy as it may seem at first. To dispute the wrong information and correct it requires the service of our long time experts. Our experts have the  knowledge of both legal and financial aspects of the credit report.

In general, ANY ITEM on your is capable of being removed IF there is wrong reporting data on it, and FORTUNATE or not, ANY of the items on your report HAS that!

That makes our process easy and mostly fast, as we identify the negatives, the erroneous data and attacking them with a challenging letters.

The process of CREDIT Document Preparation is a 4 step process:
1. Analyze your report
2. Identify the negatives
3. Prepare the document for you to attack the negatives according to the FCRA rules
4. Repeat till completion

To get started all you need to do is:
1. Sign up to our CREDIT MONITORING system by choosing the right plan for you.
2. Fill up the information in our FORM.
3. You will get analysis same day or next day free of charge plus quote for the documents preparation.
4. After approval you will sign the agreement and choose payment option, once paid the documents will be ready for you within 1-2 business days.