3 major credit repair bureaus

A credit repair bureau or credit repair agency is the company which maintains credit history of individuals and businesses. They take credit information from various sources and keep a record of it in their archives. A credit score is assigned after compiling a complete report by accumulating information from different reports. This credit score impacts your financial activities including lending the money in future. Now, a question may arise in your mind that where credit score is used? This score is requested and analyzed by the potential lenders to give them a clue about your chances of returning loan on time.


If your score is high, your credibility is developed with the lender and he is more likely to lend you the required money. Negative score on the credit report may affect your probability of receiving the loan badly. There are many companies which record the history of your credit transactions. 3 of the major credit repair agencies are mentioned as follows:



TransUnion is a credit repair bureau in USA which hold around 200 million credit reports of USA active consumers. In addition, it collects information of more than one billion consumers all over the world and deals with 65,000 businesses. James M. Peck is the CEO of the company who is passionate about his business. The total revenue of the bureau was 1.93 billion dollars in 2017. Its head-quarters are located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. This is one of the three major agencies in the world.



Equifax is a credit reporting bureau which was founded back in 1899. It is one of the three major credit repair agencies in the world along with TransUnion and Experian. It has collected data of over 800 million consumers and deals with over 80 million businesses globally. The head-quarters of Equifax is located in Atlanta, Georgia in USA. The revenue of the company was 3.36 billion dollars in 2017. The CEO of the agency is Mark Begor who is passionate about running the company in the best way possible.



Experian PLC is the credit repair company which has collected credit data of over one billion consumers and 235 million of them are only in USA. It deals with 25 million US businesses worldwide. The company head-quarters are located in Dublin, Ireland. Its CEO is Brian Cassin who is running this business with full commitment. It is one of the three major companies in domain of credit repair.

These companies deals with billions of individuals in recording their credit history. Our company, Driver Consulting works with these three international agencies to collect the data about users’ credit. It is done for the purpose of repairing the credit history of users. When the errors of the credit report are fixed, it facilitates you in borrowing more money from the lenders for business purpose or individual needs.

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