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Credit Solutions

We’ll help you get your credit report clean from negatives and wrong reported and inaccurate information and get you to the score you need and should have,  to seamlessly perform your financial activities.  Read more…

Credit Monitoring

Get FULL access to your credit score anytime plus FREE 3-Bureau report a months for $29.95. With many feature and easy to use interface and user friendly system. Read more…


We have the best rates and solutions for your NEW HOME. If you need creative solutions for your new desired home – we have them for you!

Unsecured Credit Card

We offer a Secured pre-paid credit card that will report UNSECURED on your credit report! Just sign up and choose your limit and package: $200, $500, $800, $1200 or $1500. The amount that you choose initially will be your limit, only 2% processing fee will be charged. SIGN UP

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